Her Secret

                              “Her Secret”

There’s a reason why you barely hear from her and seldom see her online.
The truth is she’s miserable and suffering, even though she says she’s fine.
She stays in chronic pain, and that’s more pain than most will ever know.
When she wakes in the morning there’s so much pain and stiffness, she can barely make herself go.
She must push to go on, no matter how badly she may feel.
Although she chooses to not express it, her aches and pains are very real.
It’s true she was raised to never complain, and she knows Mama was right when she said people don’t understand.
She’ll never know why there’s so much suffering and why her pain is so grand.
To look at her you’d have no idea that she doesn’t sleep very well.
The truth is every night she lays her head down to sleep, is a living hell.
They first diagnosed her with Fibromyalgia and Chronic fatigue syndrome at age 22.
Next came the lupus diagnosis, which makes her feel like she constantly has the flu.
Is it a coincidence that she ended up with all the same diseases Mama had?
There’s a reason she died at 58, you know. Her health was undeniably bad.
She’s got to be healthy in order to live much longer.
She realizes that no matter what, she has to push to be stronger.
Even though Mama’s gone, she wants more than anything to make her proud.
She will fight these illnesses, and come out from underneath this hovering dark cloud.
So now you know just a few things that she goes through.
These are the reasons why she may not seem herself, or why she may even appear blue.
It’s true she definitely has things in her past that are full of regret.
Telling you this is not one of them, for now you know her secret.

Written by: Samantha Britt (Sassy Sammi)
On 08/14/15.
All Copyrights Reserved.


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