The Proposal

                                       The Proposal 
                      Will you make me your wife?
                      I want you mind, heart, body, and soul,
                                               for life.
                      Can’t you see the reasons we’ve stayed 
                                     together so long?     
                      Search your heart, and you will find 
                                      why it can’t be wrong.
                      You’re everything and moreI’ve ever asked 
                                       for in a man.    
                       Believe me , I know,  I’ve searched far and  
                             wide, throughout this land.
                       Oh say you let me love you forever and      
                       So that I can take care of you, for the rest of  
                                            of my days.
                       I promise to make you the happiest man alive.
                       If you’ll just make that plunge with me, take 
                                                that dive.
                       After everything we’ve been through, can’t 
                                                 you see
                       that I was made for you and you were 
                                           made for me?
                       If you ask God, He will tell you that
                                       we are soulmates.
                       Say you will marry me, our eternity awaits.

                        Written by: Samantha Britt (Sassy Sammi)
                        On 06/18/15
                         All Copyrights Reserved.



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