Thank You

                                      Thank You
                         Thank you Lord for forgiving me.
                          I praise your holy sweet name for 
                                         setting me free.
                          Your love rises above them all.
                          I know you’ll always be there, every 
                                            time I call.
                          I’ll worship you all the days of my life.
                          Weather it be in good times or in strife.
                          I know one day we will meet.
                         And I’ll finally bow at your feet.
                         Until that day is here,
                         I can count on you to always be near.
                         Help me to do everything that’s in your will.
                         And to know that void in my heart, 
                                              you will fill.
                         You always make a way, even when 
                                          I don’t see one.
                         Though I may only feel like walking,
                                       somehow you make me run.
                          I have so much love for youfrom
                                    the bottom of my heart.
                          How can I show youHelp me to start.
                          For in the end, I’ll serve only you.
                          It’s just my way of saying, Thank you.

                           Written by: Samantha Britt (Sassy Sammi)
                           On 06/18/15
                           All Copyrights Reserved.



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