Stuck Like Glue

                                    Stuck Like Glue
                                 I’m addicted to you
      Our pieces fit together so perfectly, we’re stuck like
       I love you so much, it feels as if my heart’s going to
                                burst out of my chest.
       Looking back on all of my past lovesnow I know 
                                 baby, you’re the best.
       It amazes me how we’re always in sync.
       It’s as if our minds become oneevery time we think.
       I miss you so desperately when you’re gone.
       My heart skips a beat, when I hear your voice on the
        I wait for your return with baited breath.
        I’ll stay with you forever, even till after death.
        I’ll count the seconds, till you get down on bended
         Shhh…That’s one of my secrets, you see.
        For nowI’ll cherish every second I have with you.
        Where you’ve been all my life, I haven’t a clue.
         Our love is like the strongest tower.
         Like an intoxicating fragrance, from a beautiful flower.

          Written bySamantha Britt (Sassy Sammi)
           On 06/20/15
            All Copyrights Reserved.




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