The day you died, part of me withered away .
               How much still remainsI cannot say.
               That’s the day my world turned upside down.
               And every smile I once woreturned into a frown.
               I’ll never be the same without you here.
               I’d give anything just to have you near.
               You’ll forever be my best friend.
               You were the best mama ever, till the very end.
                It was next to impossible to let you go.
                I never understood true heart ache, now I know.
                I’ll cherish every moment we had together.
                They’re sketched in my heart, and will stay
                                       there forever.

                  Written by: Samantha Britt (Sassy Sammi)
                  On 06/26/15
                  All Copyrights Reserved.


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