I’ll Be The One

                                 I’ll Be The One

Hold me in your arms, and tell me that you love me, once again.
You know you’re more than just my loveryou’re my very best friend.
It amazes me to think about how much we’ve been throughtogether.
We’ve held each others hand, through all the crazy storms and weather.
The truth is, I always knew we were meant to be.
It’s just as important for you to feel and see.
I’ll submit to you like I’m supposed to, after we become one
That’s the way it’s supposed to be, you know, once it’s all said and done.
I know we’ll have hard timesbut it will be okay.
We always know we have each other, at the end of every day.
I’ll be the shoulder for you to lay your head on.
I’ll be the voice speaking to you, at the other end of the phone.
It will be my lips you kiss, when you walk in the door.
It will be my ears you whisper in, when you tell me you want more.
It will be my arms that hold you close, every night.
It will be my face you seewhen you look in the light.
I’ll be the one you lay with, and wrap your arms around.
LastlyI’ll be the one you’ve looked your whole life for and finally found.

Written by: Samantha Britt (Sassy Sammi)
On 07/21/15.
All Copyrights Reserved.


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