I Want You To Know

                              I Want You To Know 
         I want you to knowI’d never hurt you in a million
        You’ve been here for me, through all the laughter and
                                            the tears.
        Please forgive me, if I get a little ill with you.
       Trust me when I tell you, that’s the last thing I want
                                                to do.
       You keep me in awe, how you diligently work so hard 
                                         to support us.     
       Though you may be in excruciating pain, you don’t
                                       complain or fuss.     
       Yes I’ll stand by my man, till the end of time.
       Weather we have thousands or only a dime.
       I love you with everything in me, and that’s no lie.
       You will remain my world forever, even after we die.

       Written bySamantha Britt (Sassy Sammi)
       On 07/09/15
       All Copyrights Reserved.


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