I Miss You

                                     I Miss You

Every time I look up and see a rainbow, I think of you. 
What can I say, you turn all my gray skies blue.
It helps to remember all of the precious moments we shared.
If I felt no one was listening, you always showed me you cared.
It breaks my heart when I realize you’re not here anymore.
I secretly wait patiently for you to bust through my door.
Don’t tell anyone or they may have me locked up.
As if I were a neglected and abandoned, caged pup.
No one ever told me it would hurt like this.
Or instead of making new memories, I’d be longing for the ones I miss.
For now I must keep reminding myself that you’re never coming back.
To live my life and show you I’ve excelled where I use to lack.
I’m gonna make you so proud of me Mama, it’s true.
I’ll write morning, noon and night, without a break, if I have to.
I guess what I’m trying to say, in a round about way is that I miss you every single second of every single day.

Written by: Samantha Britt (Sassy Sammi)
On 07/20/15.
All Copyrights Reserved.


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