Happy Father’s Day

                                   Happy Father’s Day
                I’m calling to say, happy father’s day.
                To tell you that having you for a father, has 
                                blessed me in every way.
                 You’ve been such a wonderful daddy to me.
                 I call you that, because you’ve always been more
                                than just a father, you see.
                 You’ve been here for methrough thick and
                                        through thin.
                  You taught me how to be innocentinstead
                                        of how to sin.
                   I need you to know, that I pray for you all the
                   Not to do so, would be such a crime.
                   All I ever hope is to make you proud.
                   Weather I’m all alone, or in a huge crowd.
                   Though I may live far from you now,
                   we’ll find a way to get togethersomehow.
                   Just know daddy, that whatever you may go
                    your baby girl will always love you.

                    Written by: Samantha Britt (Sassy Sammi)
                    On 06/21/15
                     All Copyrights Reserved


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