Holy Spirit

  Holy Spirit 
  I feel your spirit so very strong
        My spirit soars, it sings a new song.
                      I always feel you close, no matter what I do.
                 My eyes will forever remain fixed on you.
                       Choosing everyday to do your will Is the only way I want to feel.

   In your presence, I want to stay.

 Every minute of everyday day.
               Oh Lord, I have so much love to give.
    Doing your will, is how I’ll live.
                      Please show me every step of the way.
       I ask for your guidance today.
                 So that I may show them your love.
         That comes to me from above.
                Thank you for showing me that I’m
                                           worth it.
        For teaching me to never quit.

                                 Written by: Samantha Britt (Sassy Sammi)
                                 On 06/17/15
                                 All Copyrights Reserved.


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