Sensitive Souls

   If you have a sensitive soul, deep down you already know you’re different than most people. You may have noticed how you feel other’s moods and desires as if they were your own. You even absorb sensations like only those who are sensitive can. You may even know the words and music to a song you’ve never heard before. Even scents are more noticeable and awaken senses and sensations you had no idea you even had. Or how about being able to recite what everyone is saying? You know, having that deja vu feeling?

  I first noticed it probably, when I was around 8. I finally went to my Mama and asked her about it. When I did, she prompted me to call her Mama, my Nanny Gibbs. I did just that and she told me not to say anything to anyone about it. She said it’s something that we don’t talk about and that we are certainly to never tell a soul. So for many years, I’ve kept it all to myself. 

   Now that I’m an adult, and have lived half of my life, I’ve had a lot of time to think and pray about it. I see nothing wrong with discussing it or bringing it to anyone’s attention. It’s my opinion that God wouldn’t have given me this sensitive soul, if he didn’t want me to do something good with it. I’m curious… Call me Ms. Nosella, tonight! I’d be fascinated to know,  how many of you are sensitive souls, as well?! Let’s go a step farther! How many of you are prophetic or psychic?! How many of you know things are going to occur before they happen?!  What are your opinions on this very sensitive subject?! Inquiring minds need to know! 😉 Sassy Sammi<3


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