This phone!!!

I promise you I’ve tried to write my first blog, I don’t know how many times now! Lol! First off I should explain that I have a phone that is extremely old and doesn’t want to do anything I need for it to. I literally “think” I’m posting things all the time, when come to find out everything just erased, for no reason and no notification @ all! Ohhh and let’s not forget how many times it sends comments multiple times! Niiice huh?! Or have you ever had a phone that “acts” like it’s doing what you command but in reality it does the exact opposite?! I promise y’all, I’m not normally so negative and fussy, but I’ve REEEALLY had it up to here with this stupid phone! Also my wonderful phone here is the reason why I have no pics. I was promised an IPad today, so we’ll have to see 😉 I give y’all my word, my next blog will be a lot more cheerful! Y’all have a wonderful and restful sleep! Sweet dreams<3!!!  Sassy Sammy<3


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